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Wind farms can bring real benefits to local communities as well as helping to meet national climate change targets.


Wherever practical we try to use companies based near to a project during its development, construction and operation so as to bring money into the local economy.


In addition to this we also set up a trust fund at each of our wind farms into which a proportion of the income it earns is paid. These funds are used to support a range of local initiatives which, depending on the needs of the community, may include:

  • Local sports clubs and recreational facilities
  • Educational initiatives in schools
  • Local environmental enhancements
  • Energy efficiency projects


Coriolis (and its partners Falck) also strongly believe in giving individuals living near to its wind farms the opportunity to share in their ownership and an award-winning scheme to enable this has been developed in collaboration with Energy4All. This has proved extremely popular and attracted many hundreds of small investors to date.


While these are some of the benefits, it’s natural for individuals living near to a proposed wind farm development to be concerned about possible downsides. Will it be noisy? Will it affect house prices? Will it harm birds and other wildlife? Answers to these and other common questions (based on independent research) are shown in our FAQ section, however the best advice we can give is to find your nearest wind farm, take a visit and make up your own mind!

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