Image: Group of six wind turbines in a foggy landscape

Falck Renewables


Image: Gruppo Falck logoSince its formation in 2002, Falck Renewables has grown to become one of the leading independent renewable energy businesses in Europe. By the end of 2008, the company will have almost 500 MW of wind farms in operation and is already well on the way to reaching its target of 1,000 MW by 2011.


While a large business in its own right, Falck Renewables is part of the substantial Italian company Gruppo Falck SpA. Founded in 1906, Gruppo Falck has a long history of involvement in the energy sector and, with total assets of €750m, provides a secure, long-term partner for all project stakeholders.



Our partnership


Image:  Top of a wind turbine appearing out of a foggy skyMuch of Falck’s success is due to its strategy of teaming up with expert local development companies in each country it works in.


Building on this strategy Falck entered into a new long term partnership with Coriolis Energy in early 2007 in which:

  • Coriolis agreed to develop projects exclusively for Falck
  • Falck agreed both to share the development costs and to build and operate all those projects developed.


Roles and responsibilities at each stage of a project’s life cycle are explained below:


Image: Diagram showing responsibilities under partnership with Falck Renewables

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